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Welcome to your education on Nature's process and lessons on life.  I am Greg  Neville



Please be aware that getting away from your usual environment is not what gets you well, but rather the education you receive from the program gets you well.  This program can be accessed by Skype.

Send an email and organise a quick Skype session for asking any questions about the programs.  or phone 0418110778

When dealing with the body and its mind, plus how life works,  YOU ARE DEALING WITH NATURE
Never forget that important fact!   

Welcome to learning what Nature and its health conditions, are displaying you need to learn.   Welcome to thirty years clinical experience in studying the Nature of the Psychological and Physical realms, Nature's Process of Life.  My name is Greg Neville.

To correctly treat psychological stress and the cause of the psychological triggers to Mental and Physical health conditions, requires being shown the education that Nature, the process of life, is displaying that you need to learn.  Finally you will understand what your health condition is about, and is trying to teach you.   Yes, welcome to thirty years clinical investigation, experience, education and documentation. Welcome to a phenomimal understanding of life and health.
  An education you could not even imagine is available, untill you receive a detailed account of how your health condition is specifically matching/mimicing your beliefs/concerns about particular aspects of life. 
Definitely the most accurate and detailed account of the correlation between the psychological and physiological realms. The moment you receive a clear and accurate understanding of the topic  in life your mind has issue with, and clearly recognise that your health condition is infact following and displaying that psychological state, you will have a far greater understanding of the role Nature, the process of life, plays in your personal development.   

Though, to have gained such an understanding of the particular psychological factor causing your particular health condition, is not the only information you require!  The particular psychological issue that triggers the health condition, rests upon a particular psychological framework constructed by incorrect concepts about the process of life, which society has taught you, and fuels people's issues.  You need an accurate understanding of what life is about!  And No, that is not a difficult thing to understand when you recognise that your body is infact an example of the Development and Survival Process we all call life.
That education is where you are really going to be provided with, firstly, a true deeper understanding of what is at the core of the cause of society's and individual's psychological stress, and then secondly, you receive an accurate account of the process of life, the lessons in wisdom, that define the various aspects of the development and survival process called Life, called Nature.  All of which is perfectly explained and very easy to learn and grasp.

Nature's lessons are far more profound than the typical lessons being provided by most therapists, including most natural therapists or wholistic therapists etc, and their Gurus. Especially those claiming you are supposed to go within and reconnect to your 'All Knowing.'  You supposedly already know what you need to know!  Such therapists do not have enough understanding of the psychological realm, plus do not have enough understanding of the deeper cause of psychological stress, nor any depth in understanding in the mind body connection, to be aware that their concepts not only completely contradict the lessons in wisdom, the so-called truths, but in fact their concepts evolved from and reinforce the core foundations of society's psychological stress and issues!  (So easy to prove that if you wish!!) 

The lessons in Wisdom do not teach the following:   You are self sabbotaging, not being your authentic self,  your ego's is your enemy, just live in the now, life is about balance, life is about meditation and turning your mind off as far as you can, head versus heart, gut versus head, be scared of food, don't be influenced by others nor influence them, your physical existence is interfering with your spirituality, Karma (you caused the event life just threw at you, and thus every event you have ever encountered!), and the ridiculous list goes on............

Your existence, and the way your physical and mental wellbeing works is by the laws of Nature.  That is important for you to understand because it is also Nature, the laws of life, that you are confronting and dealing with every day of your life.  The Nature of the process of life, the process by which your mind receives its development in understanding of the purpose of life, plus receives the life lessons you require to address any isues you have with the various aspects of life, is seldom taught to therapists during their formal education!!  That is also easy to prove.
  NATURAL  PSYCHOTHERAPY  provides such an education.  The Nature of your body, your mind, and the world around you, has so much available to help you, whilst you are playing your role in Nature's world. 

The information and hence education from this website and our private or personal programs, courses and published literature on the Nature of Physical and Mental welbeing and the process of life, has been accumulated over the past 30 years of clinical investigation and professional therapy.   

 Oh, and the first thing you will notice when attending the programs, is there is no Airy fairy rubbish in the information you receive from us, as the process of life and your health conditions are not an Airy Fairy affair!  They are serious, and the correct lessons are wonderful !!!        
Life and the lessons from Physical and Mental health conditions can now become very a interesting education for you, rather than a threat!
Welcome.  My name is Greg Neville. 


  Here is what one of our clients has to say...

"I recommend in the strongest possible way anyone with an interest in their well being to attend the Healthy Mind Program. In all my experience I have never met a person who can deliver the real message of what life is really about in a more lucid and easy to understand way. Greg has developed the ability to teach us where the wisdom of life truly abides, and knowing this, all stresses, past guilt trips, anger and depressive thoughts just melt away. He puts it all together so well, a child could understand it.
As a person, Greg is motivated only by teaching you and the benefits of his message, which are so profound, will endure!
Thank you seems so small a word for the gift of life."
Dr Paul, Melbourne
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