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My life has been dedicated to understanding the process of Nature, and hence the process of life, which includes your life.   Researching the Commonality in people enabled me to find the deeper core factor usually overlooked but involved in the cause of psychological stress and many physical and mental health conditions, plus opened the door into knowing where to find your individuality, and to understanding your answers.    


Upon completing my Bachelor of Naturopathy in 1988, to which in that era meant that you were a Doctor of Natural Therapies, as judge by a court of law when a fellow colleague of mine was unsuccessfully challenged by a medical practitioner for having claimed such a title.
Yes, our certificates suggested we were clinicians of all forms of Natural therapy, well, that which was known and readily available at that point in history!

For me, I was far from satisfied. Natural therapists claimed to treat the cause of health conditions, and there I was, having made sure I thoroughly knew that which I was expected to have learnt, but still pretty much knew little about the specific cause of any health condition!!  Yes, of course I knew about scurvy and alike conditions of malnourishment , but if anyone asked me the cause of an underactive thyriod, Multiple Scerosis, Parkinson's, Multiple Myeloma, ( do you want me to go with the list?!!), or pretty much to any health condition, I could not state the cause!  Of course not, as we had not been taught the cause!  And therapy fell into a few basic concepts "Clean them out, and fill them up!" They must be toxic or under nourished!   Also there were various ranges of Natural therapy products that could be prescriped to assist organ cellular function, and excercise, a walk in the park etc, all of which perfectly logical,  but little did I know then that there was another complete realm of influence involved in the cause of physical and mental health!   One which resided under the common banner of psychological stress, but needing its depth far more understood.  And so began my many years of clinical investigation and experience! 

The correlation between the Psychological and Physical Realms, their influence upon each other, and commonly known as the mind body connection (or medically titled as Psychoneuroimmunology/Psychopathology!) has been spoken of for years. It is commonly talked about simply under the fact that stress effects our health. The problem is that the  relationship between the psychological and physical realms was not being adequately or should I also say, not accurately taught to students of the health sciences, and hence also not correctly known to a point where it can be intimately described in detail and accurately utilized.   

Why is that so?  
Because Society's core foundation philosophy, the core of its concept on how our decisions are made, and hence what we believe life to be about, is not only incorrect, but as such it directes any search for understanding the deeper cause of psychological stress and the meaning of life, in a direction other than where you shall identify any such answers.   
The code, the formula for understanding the correlation between the Psychological and Physical realms had not been cracked/identified. People, especially therapists of the Medical, Pychological and Alternative therapies, find that statement to be true upon showing them the correct actual code/the formula!   (Gosh. Sounds like a science fiction movie).  

Okay that was a heck of a paragraph, so what am I saying?  
Natural therapists generally describe their role in health care, to be that of assisting your body's (Nature's) normal healthy function, a service provided by the supplimentation of an education on Nature's demands and necessities, which can incorporate the utilisation and consumption of Nature's products, and also a physical regime that enables the body to keep up with its own inhouse cleaning and repair.  Yes, assistance that makes perfect logical sense, though in nearly all cases fails to address the cause of the health condition!!  And hence did not live up to the reason why I wanted to become a Natural therapist!

Over the years I have definitely come to admitt that I found and progressively increased my understanding of the information I was searching for, as I accumulated an indepth intimate explaination of the relationship between our psychological and physical realms, providing a far clearer and precise understanding of the influence our thoughts exert upon our body's cells, and that includes of course our mind's cells, and hence our psychological and physical wellbeing.  Plus of course all the way along my aim was to find the relevant lessons on the process of life that Nature obviously showed we needed to find and learn so as to address physical and mental health issues.   
Its now 30 years since I became a therapist. and to date I have lost count of all the courses, seminars, radio programs (number of years ago) I have presented. Plus published three non fictional books on this science, and also just recently finished the fourth in a series of five novels teaching this most important science of physical and mental wellbeing.  
And to date specific information on the psychological triggers to over a hundred physical and mental health conditions have been identified, documented, published and its now time due to just having completed writing the fourth of the novels, to once again run the next series of my programs. Private therapy programs and public courses.           

Life has you all currently offering more to others, and receiving more from others and your life experiences, and consequently being more valuable to this world than you are currently aware of !!  And so is your health condition too serving a more valuable role than you are currently aware of.  Life is a development and survival process, and not a case of simply choosing right over wrong via looking within for what you supposedly already know. Those therapists and gurus who incorrectly teach that we are supposed to look within and reconnect, can easily be shown to know the least, as they eventually end up either contradicting themselves or simply saying "We are all one, and just love, love, love and love!"   
The truth is that we are all part of the same system, and if you do not achnowledge such components of this system, you will not understand the process you are living in and being developed by, nor understand your purpose and lesson's on the process of life.  You will not yet know that the lessons in wisdom define all of the various aspects of the development and survival process called life, called Nature, and that such lessons apply to everyone, and then it is a case of which of such lessons can you still have to learn to neutralise your issues towards the process of life, and thus assist the wellbeing of your health.  Are you aware that your health condition is mimicing/matching your opinions about a particular aspect of life, an aspect to which currently you believe you are holding correct opinions about?!!  Your health condition is mimicing your beliefs about the development and survival process called life/Nature, and Nature's lessons wonderfully upgrade and correct any such incorrect understandings.  They explain the Truth of what it is to be human and still be growing. They address your issues and feel wonderful.  
Time to come and learn the lessons on life that you have been in need of being taught!  Remember that we grow from our life experiences, that being the information we receive from our environment.  Yes, life develops you! Not you develops you!  Are you aware that even any incorrect information you have been taught, plays a role in the process by which you learn the difference between what is incorrect and why, and what is actually correct and why? 
Life is so interesting when you understand what it is doing for you, and you for others, Nature's development process. 
Hope to see you soon.

Yours sincerly
Greg Neville 





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