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Available BooksOver the years I have published three very comprehensive non-fiction books on this exciting realm of physical and mental wellbeing, plus recently over the past four years completed four novels of a series of five, which when that series is published you can read of how the toy world brought an understanding of the process of life and its lessons in wisdom to a very real live non-fiction young girl name Kiara. A true Queen we can all be very proud of!!  

Please note:  DUE TO AN ADJUSTMENT TO BE MADE IN THE MARKETING OF MY 3 BOOKS, CURRENTLY MY BOOKS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE IN AN ELECTRONIC PDF VERSION,  VIA EMAILING  gregneville@iinet.net.au. and requesting an invoice to be sent to your email address.  The invoice is supplied to you from PAYPAL .  Upon completing the form and the payment being processed I shall be able to email your PDF version of the books.
This current offer supplies you with a PDF FULL SET of the THREE BOOKS at a very reasonable price of $45 Australian,  plus any required tax duties.        

       Cheers  Greg Neville    


The latest edition is now available! Over the past decade there has been an enormous effort by the health industry to increase society's awareness of the high incidence of Depression, with the intention of both reducing the stigma towards the condition, and increasing people's desire to seek help when needed. What has not been forth coming is a true in depth explanation of the cause of the chemical change known to be involved in the onset of depression, and an education on how to correctly treat this cause. People are being incorrectly informed that the chemical change precedes the depression, but in fact the opposite is not only true, but also explains why a cure requires the treatment of a person's psychological approach to life. Hence Depression is curable!
The True Cause and Cure of Depression provides and in depth education into the psychological factors responsible for initiating the physical chemical change, plus an education on the life lesson's (Nature's lessons) necessary to enable the mind to resume the correct chemical production. You will also be provided with the seven points a person needs to remember for permanent cure of depression!

The book provides plenty of case studies to help people better understand how the information applies to their personal story. It covers the various forms of depression, along with an essential insight into understanding the demands of Anxiety which is often found to accompany Depression.
Depression is nothing to fear when you understand its true cause and cure. (280 pages)


EFFECTIVE COUNSELLING, what are the truths, what works?

Clients do not come in seeking help because they already have the answers! They actually come to receive those insights they still need to gain. The counselor serves the role of a teacher, and provides the client with an understanding of the psychological factors (issues) currently responsible for fueling psychological stress, plus an education in the 'truths' (the lessons) that cancel any such incorrect psychological factors. A counselor provides the client with the information necessary to upgrade the client's understanding of the various aspects of life, an education that provides the peace of mind that accompanies such new wisdom
This is a book that takes you on a guided tour through the depths of our psychological realm.

Psychological stress is built upon a particular psychological framework we have been educated to believe by society. All psychotherapists and counsellors require a thorough understanding of the structural layers of beliefs involved in the cause of a person's psychological stress, plus an understanding of the required adjustments necessary for clients to possess an accurate account of reality, and the peace of mind this enables. This book not only explains the psychological framework responsible for people's psychological stress, but also identifies and examines all the various phrases, statements and concepts being put forward by society and various spiritual and philosophical groups. It then clearly explains which of such information really helps to neutralize psychological stress and why, compared to which has been serving instead to fuel society's psychological stress, and how . An excellent education in the 'Truths'.
The book then covers a large range of very common concerns people are often found to harbor, and supplies the lessons required to correctly address such concerns. This book provides the most insightful understanding of the cause and cure of psychological stress.
This book is not just for therapists, it is for the people who need the information that is not usually provided by therapists! (370 pages)



Explains the psychological triggers to over a 100 common physical and mental health conditions!
This book is the next generation of Greg Neville's book 'OUR EMOTIONAL LINKS TO DISEASE (published in 1995)', and provides the wealth of extra information that comes with ongoing clinical experience. It begins by supplying an in depth education into the cause and cure of psychological stress, then supplies a detailed account of the relationship between our physical and psychological well being (The mind/body connection formula) necessary to enable the reader to understand the last half of the book which is dedicated to providing an education on the precise psychological triggers to over a hundred common health conditions, and their lessons.
The education the reader receives in this essential science is second to none. The book is a true encyclopedia on the mind body connection, (consisting of over 400 pages).

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