I would prefer to establish a live-in retreat/centre, but as you would surely understand the appropriated  'level of duty of care' for housing and providing the essential surveillance and service for severly mentally and physically struggling patients, would imply a cost that would be out of the range of most people in need of help, when considering that they require more than a quick few days 'band aid' approach!!!!    

So, until the miracle of such funds falls from the sky, our programs are accessed via either the Clinic in Melbourne, or via Skype for those who are unable to travel to the Clinic. (Oh, and please, if you are the person who has the financial wealth and would like to fund the establishment of the serious retreat required, please make contact!)   

For now though, my mind remains centred upon providing the depth and accuracy of the education on the process of Nature and life to which my years of experience has gained, and passing it onto those who can access our services.   I also want to point out, the specific education you receive from my program, and why it is so effective, you will not receive else where!   All my clients back me up on this!!   

And please take the following seriously:
There are health retreats that offer to throw everything but the kitchen sink at their clients, hoping to present the image that you will be receiving a more experienced team and program.  But I tell you now that such an approach does not display experience but rather the opposite, as such an approach displays a lack of understanding of the cause of the mental or physical health condition, and can too often drag the patient's mind away from understanding the significance of the particular actual cause requiring the focus of attention. Do not fall for the notion that natural therapists need to treat all the various systems in the body. Nothing could be further from the truth, as they really only need to treat the cause.  Which is often not even done as you hear the claim that "Oh, there is no specific cause, and so we just treat the systems!!!!!   That is not Natural therapy, but rather a case of not knowing what Nature is trying to make you aware of  and you need to be taught.     

Okay, back to the price.  Because the program is not a live-in program, the cost is $1800  PLUS GST, many thousands less than costed for the addition of a retreat centre and service, which would be nice to offer you one day, as long as it comes at a price that is offordable to most, rather than a few. .  
Yours sincerley 



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