5 WEEK SPECIAL COURSE. The Psychology of Health . Nature's education. 5 week (lockdown) special course - 11th Aug 2020

NATURE’S PROCESS OF LIFE. The education of the correlation between the psychological and physiological realms, telling you the truths you need to learn from the various health conditions. Nature’s lessons in wisdom.
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With the next six weeks limiting our access to usual activities, for many people it is time to be provided with a very clear, thorough understanding of the correlation between the psychological and physiological realms, and thus understand the process of life by which Nature teachers us the lesson in wisdom. I have 5 weeks available to provide you with an education on Nature’s process of life. A clear understanding of the psychological realm and its specific correlation with society’s various physical and mental health conditions, and the specific lessons in wisdom Nature is displaying we need to learn.
My name is Greg Neville. I have thirty years clinical experience as a Naturopathic Psychotherapist in researching, documenting, lecturing, treating and publishing an intimate understanding of the correlation between the Psychological and Physiological realms, thus gaining a very clear, specific, accurate account of the underlying core components of the cause of psychological stress, the resulting psychosomatic illnesses (access a mixture of over hundred physical and mental illnesses), and the lessons of Nature (Wisdom) that upgrade and neutralise people’s various issues towards the process of life, thus having treated the psychological and physiological deeper causes! This education is by no means distressing, as a correct education on the process of life addresses the distressing cause, rather than creating or fuelling it! (people do not have to get worse to get better!!)
Over the years I have published three non-fiction books covering the above, plus I am now up to writing my fifth in a serious of five novels, this latest one being THE RETRIAL OF SOCRATES!! (145,000 words so far…and will probably require 300,000) Good thing I love writing!! Novels are definitely a fun way of sharing information for all involved.
During the past four months I have received an ongoing stream of emails from ACADEMIA edu informing me that my name has received (currently) 11035 MENTIONS in all various written so-called scientific PAPERS around the world. Not sure how that started, probably from podcasts in England four months ago, and the further sharing of my books. The reason why I am mentioning all the above, is because if I don’t, you will not know what is now available for you if you attend my, online, education on the above absolutely essential understanding of Nature’s process of life. A patient walks into my office, and the moment I know the condition, the physiology of the body has informed me to the precise psychological issues at the seat of the specific health conditions. Imagine how amazing the lessons in wisdom must be that address the causal issues. Imagine how amazing it must feel to know the process by which Nature educates us in an understanding of the process by which it develops us?
Are you aware that life is a development process, and not simply a case of already knowing!! No wonder we eat!!! I AM CURRENTLY TRYING TO WORK OUT THE BEST FORMATE FOR THOSE INTERESTED TO ACCESS THIS UNIQUE TIME AND CHANCE ON LINE, plus a FAIR FEE. If you are interested, let me know very soon, as this has seriously limited seats. gregneville@iinet.net.au.

Finally understand the cause of Anxiety/ read here! - 1st Jan 2019

A very easy to understand, though also a very accurate understanding of the cause of Anxiety is as follows. 

We all know that our day is always full of events.  There is prior to an event.  There is when the event is occuring. And then there is after the event. 
If we do not want a particular event to happen (lets say we think it is a non prefered undesirable event), well then we perform Preventative actions.   Though if the event happens, it happened.   Then after the event we have to simply DEAL WITH whatever the ramifications are of the event.   
                                      Stage one of  Anxiety

    PREVENTION......EVENT......AFTER EVENT (Getting on with life and dealing with situations)  

Normal anxiousness is that above mentioned 'Preventative' stage.  Where the person's mind believes there is a need to attend to whatever would help prevent the non-preferred situation (event) from occuring.  Of course, the level of Anxiousness can increase given the more threatening the undesirable event is believed to be, and the more possible it's chances of occuring is believed to be.  But of course, if the event does occure we simply dealth with it.
The level of Anxiousness, the desperate desire to Prevent the undesirable situation (event), can seriously increase and reach a level where the person is diagnosed as suffering from Anxiety.

 "QUICK, I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT PREVENTING ............."  And of course there are the horrible physical symptoms that such Anxiety triggers, but they are only the symptoms, they are not the Anxiety!! 

.                                            Stage two of Anxiety
                                               The nasty stage
Stage two appears a little down the track from when the person first start ever experiencing stage one Anxiety.  Stage two is also about a very desperate desire to Prevent an undesirable situation (event), but now the particular event the person wants to Prevent is any situation that could trigger the ANXIETY!!!   THE PERSON DESPERATELY WANTS TO PREVENT ANXIETY!   And that is all stage two is!   And it's the nasty one that people stay in for years!!!   Only because it's treatment isbeing done the wrong way!!!!!  THE TYPICAL TREATMENT AGGREVATES IT!!

Kind of makes sense doesn't it!   Yes, the moment your mind begins to focus on how to prevent situations that could lead to triggering Anxiety, guess what is going to accure!!!  Yes, you are going to get Anxious!!  Gosh, it is like putting your foot on the accelerator when desiring to stop!

Why, in stage two would you so desperately believe Anxiety needs to be Prevented?!!
For some its because they fear the anxiety will detrimently affect their health!   But in most cases the reason is different than that. though very specific! , In most cases it is because the psyche believes that being seen to be so Anxious will some how decrease your value, your worthiness of receiving your opportunities, your necessities in life, and so will die. Behind the scenes it believes you will die if your value drops significantly far enough due to being seen to be anxious and hence considered unable to psychologically cope. If that level of concern increases, your respiratory becomes involved, and it is then called a Panick Attack!

Hhhhmmmm   Trying to prevent it is not such a great idea.

Have a look back up the page at the those three stages of events

Prevention of event     Event     After event  (Getting on with life and dealing with situations) 

The Anxiety person does not register on nor accept the idea of the event occuring and then getting on with life and dealing with the ramification of the event.  Their mind instead believes the whole game will be over if the undersirable event occurs!  

The answer is to get the Anxiety person over the line, over to the other side where they believe that if the event occures they believe life goes on.  It's not all about prevention, but also believing that survival incorporates, involves, dealing with situations after they have taken place.

What does an Anxiety sufferer need to learn so as to reach that other side of the equation?

A correct understanding of what life and personal value is all about!!!!  And that they have  not as yet received, and is precisely what our program provides.

If you suffer from Anxiety, it will not be Prevention that helps you, but rather the education you receive, that allows you to survive it and get on with your life.  The bully called 'Anxiety' leaves you alone when you are not scared of it. You have not prevented it,but rather moved on passed it.

What do you still have to learn about life; learn about the cause and cure of psychological stress; learn about personal value; and the future?
                                       Come along and receive it.
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THE CAUSE OF SUICIDE / read here! - 1st Jan 2019

Why would someone Suicide?  That's definitely a question needing an answer!
 It's a 'WHY' looking for a 'BECAUSE that would introduce a 'REASON'.  And of course if the answer is 'Reason' based, we will be refering to a 'Belief'' the person holds.  Beliefs are always constructed of Reasoning!  So, what does a person 'believe' for reasons, and would make a person suicidal?     
Yep, it all comes down to 'beliefs', not the circumstances the person is involved in, but rather the person's beliefs about the effect of circumstances, the effect upon their personal value.
It is also not about Emotions either, though do understand that Emotions are 'belief system' innitiated healthy physiological responses, that do serve a purpose, but are not the part of the 'belief system' that innitiates psychosomatic illness, nor the way a person acts. and that is why the various people who are angry can all be acting differently in response to a circumstance even though they are angry.  So make sure you do not blame someone's suicide upon the persons emotions or circumstances, as the cause is far more specific than that, and that is important to know if you are to address the cause of suicidal thoughts!!

So now..... What are the beliefs behind the cause of Suicide?

Did the person really want to die, or was the person's psyche looking for salvation?   To the person's mind 'belief system', was it considered a way out, or a way to continue?
Most therapists will not know the correct answers to such essential questions, as they will not know what really needs to be adressed, and how!   They will not know the real underlying cause is society's core concept, society's incorrect 'belief' in the existence of 'choice' !!!  
That is a fact!!   And if your therapists claims to be a facilitaitor rather than a teacher, definitely stand up and walk out, and go and find a teacher!!!

Gosh, harsh words hey!  Though correct ones. A facilitator will not even attempt to teach you what you do not as yet know, and need to know, because the so-called  facilitators incorrect belief in the existence of 'choice' contradicts the lessons you require to be taught in order to correct the incorrect beliefs at the core of the suicidal thoughts. Even the suicidal person being told of their need for a facilitator rather than a teacher, reinforces the  psychological factors involved in the cause of the suididal thoughts! 
Why and how?
The suicidal thoughts are the result of incorrect beliefs on what the purpose of life is, and which consequently create the incorrect belief to what a person's value is measured by, and as such people incorrectly believe their personal value is decreasing if ever life cirucstances do not enable them to live up to whatever the criteria is that they are measuring the success of their life and hence also their value by.  But why does that make them suicidal?
Society's foundation philosophy, the "IF YOU ARE GOOD --YOU WILL GET/RECEIVE" ,  educates the mind to believe that if a person fails to live up to that personally believed criteria required to prove one's valuable worthiness (subject of self esteem), the person's necessities for development and survival shall be restricted, and death to be the result.  All that stuff is going on in the mind's subconscious, simply because of the "If you are good- you'll get/receive"  foundation philosophy which society lives by, and never addressed by the therapists!!  
 The suicidal thoughts display the person's belief in the desperate need to get oneself to some other existence in order to avoid personal value dangerousily decreasing any further if another circumstance takes place and displays the person's value and worthiness to have decreased further.     
This whole affair is caused by society's incorrect core belief in the existence of 'power of choice' in the decisions we make, how we act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As that is the casue of the "If you are good--you shall get/receive" foundation philosophy, and the reason why people have self esteem issues (concerns about personal value, and the desperate need to protect it!).
To address the person's belief in the need to suicidal, the education required is one that explains and convinces the person of the truth that life is in fact a 'DEVELOPMENT ' process, and not a case of simply being able to choose right over wrong!  
When understanding how and why life is actually a development process, the person gains the understanding of the reasons why personal value is never in jeopardy, and hence how and why   a person's true value is never under threat, but rather they have always been performing their true valuable role, but society as yet had not explained to them precisely what that role is.
Life is correctly seen as a very interesting and educational journey, when you receive enough development to understand why, and also consequently learn what it is doing for you and you for others.      

Yes, there is quite an education required to be provided to a person with suicidal thoughts, to address the underlying cause of suicide. And it is worth it!!

This is a process, an education, I have been providing for many years. 
Hope to see you if you are in need of such assistance. 

Greg Neville .       



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