This Is What They Said!

Testimonials From Our Clients

There are a large number of Testimonials below that have been given to us over the years.

"Thank you Greg for showing me the only alternative philosophy for life. ‘Post traumatic stress’ drove me indoors; you showed me how to live again. Now the days are sunny and the nights full of stars."
Sophie .

"Two and a half years ago my second child ‘zach’ was born ‘traumatically’ and now consequently has a disability called ‘cerebral palsy’. – my life was shattered!
Probably the most painful thing of all was that I thought my god had let me down!!
Questions about life and suffering overwhelmed me. The guilt was unbearable and debilitating, but after spending a week under Greg Neville’s philosophies and wisdom I have gained insights that have changed my life.
I now believe that Zach’s life represents the magnificence of creation.
I have learnt the true purpose of life, the true meaning of trust and the true meaning of selfworth and the secret to happiness!!
Now instead of being in pain I feel excited about the future and the journey.
I love my life. Thank you."
Fiona Howell

"I came to meet Greg feeling like a broken women with a vision of black for the future. After almost 10 years of depression (possibly a lot longer) I had been suicidal for the last 6 months. Now, I leave a new person looking forward to life and teaching my children the true purpose of life! I look forward to a future filled with fun, laughter and enjoyment. Thank you Greg from myself and my family." 

“When I first met Jayden, I had the belief that I was a broken person and that I was doomed to live out my days dealing with debilitating inner turmoil. This was such a prevalent belief that I even tried to take my life a few times and could not conceive that there might be a different way of living. I had seen many psychologists, psychiatrists who all gave me various diagnosis such as bi-polar and borderline personality disorder and put me on different medications which they claimed I would have to be on for the foreseeable future. I was scared because I did not believe the medication was working. I believed I was getting sicker and my behaviour reflected that. When I first heard Jayden talk, I was cynical as the concepts sounded simple and I thought what I was dealing with was vastly complex. What he taught me is the way we see life has evolved from our beliefs which we have been conditioned to since we were born. If we can alter those beliefs then we can see life differently. Jayden is such a warm and inspirational man and I feel so lucky to of met him. He talks with an infectious passion that you can’t help but catch. I still have a lot of work to do but I now know that I am not broken and have never been!!”
Caitlan Jablonka (Melbourne, Vic)

To Debs,
"I can't express just how grateful I am that you played such an integral role in my time at the retreat.
Your guidance, help, patience, support and kindness has genuinely meant the world to me.
I feel like I have learned so much from you.
I feel like a different person to the one who first arrived and I have you to thank for that.
I think you're a fantastic Life Counsellor and you've provided me with the words and information that I intend to carry forward with me for a very long time.
Thank you so very much !"

With Love & Gratitude
Louise xx

"PS I'd love to stay in touch and if you are ever in Europe ..."

Dear Deb,
"You said each and everyone of my scars tells a story of my past and how I have arrived here.
I would like to 'thank you' for being part of my story that has healed them. I can now look at them, not in hate for myself, but in the understanding that each one tells a story of my development of wisdom and the development role I have played in other people's lives.
I am blessed that you have been part of my development and I will be forever grateful of this gift...
I no longer live my life in worry, live in anticipation to be free from depression and self harm in the
realization that I am on my journey of gaining an understanding of the true purpose of life:- my personal development of wisdom and my automatic value and worth in the world. Once again 'thank you' for showing me the way. I will never forget you."
Love Siobhan
(the 'pom')

Dear Len,
"Thank you for all your work you have done with me. I really appreciate and value all of the effort you have put in. I've loved working with you. I'm more excited about life now then I have been in a while and I thank you for helping me grow and develop my understandings. I know I won't always get what I want but you gave me what I needed."
Much LOVE,

Dear Deb,
"Thank you so much for all your kind & gentle help during my stay. I cannot tell you how important our conversations have been to me and the development of my understanding.

As I find myself struggling with past issues that seem to come at me from out of the blue I think back to that time & our conversations about how we all make an impact whether we know it or not & that this automatically makes us valuable & worthy. It helps make that terrible oppressive feeling of not being worthy to live ease off.

Thank you also for bringing in the WASJIGS. They were fun to do & I had some wonderful conversations with all sorts of people as we slowly put the pieces together. It's a bit like life in a way..... we potter along trying to make sense of things, put the pieces together to get the big picture..... get stuck only to have someone come by who adds another piece to the jigsaw which then gets us going again.

Hmmm... anyway, my heart felt thanks to you for sharing yourself, your kindness, you peace & wisdom!"

Kind Regards
20 Dec 2007

"I have been trying to find the meaning of life for 35 years, and have tried western philosophies, eastern philosophies, religion, materialism, alcohol and staying too busy to think about it. I wound up with clinical depression, on prescription drugs, seeing psychiatrists and psychologists, and believing I was crazy and pathetic. I also worried that I might be toxic to those around me, particularly my children. I was very self- conscious because I thought people might see through my outward mask.
I came to hear Greg Neville speak and found a philosophy that soothes my soul. I can use logic and understanding to find a useful place for all events in my life. I will be able to accept and embrace the past. The future looks safe and interesting as I have a system of beliefs that allows me to welcome what ever comes.
I am very grateful to Greg Neville and to all those involved in helping to share the wisdom.
Que sera sera ." Janet Durham

"I came to attend Greg Neville’s workshops as I had got to the point where my psychologist and GP thought the safest place for me was hospital. I was suicidal, the medication (2nd type) wasn’t making much difference (if any) and I was self-harming (cutting my wrists) and not eating as I didn’t believe I deserved to. I came here because I was scared out of my mind that I would commit suicide and I didn’t want to leave my husband and 3 beautiful boys.
Attending and meeting Greg has been the most wonderful life experience. After 4 days of listening to Greg and learning from him, you can’t wipe the smile off my face. The penny has dropped for me! I am not ruining anyone else’s life and I’m not a failure, nor do I have to fear the future. I am a good mum and having a good job and being good at it doesn’t affect that. My understanding of life has grown heaps, Honestly learning from Greg has saved my life, and my I am sure my husband and children would join me in thanking Greg from the bottom of our hearts. Now I can’t wait to enjoy life.
Keep smiling."

"After 7-8 years of depression I can now see that I don’t need to feel guilty, I am successful – regardless of what happens I am useful.
No longer being attached to my goals means I am free to enjoy the journey."
Thanks Greg.

"This was an experience. I have never felt so comfortable and open with such a group of people. I have been to numerous hospitals and clinics, psychiatrists but nothing, nothing has helped me as this and Greg’s philosophies have enlightened me so much, much more that I could have hoped. I am going home with different beliefs than I came with. Thank you for every experience and all the staff are fabulous."
Annie Dixon

"Thank you for sticking with me during this "PROCESS" ! The things you have shown me have helped me change my life. I have come a long way in our time together. So thank you again for the support you have given me in this time of change."
In Wisdom we Grow

Michaela '09

“Jayden I think my life is probably the best now that it has ever been. Weird things still go wrong but it doesn’t matter. I have separated, moved, am living by myself for the first time in 20 years, may be forced to look for another job, still legal problems with my ex… 3 times more crap than before, but it is all ok! I still have so much going for me!“
Jennifer Blythe (Kempsey, NSW)

"I was treated by Greg Neville now more than 4 years ago. Life has changed completely since then. Good health and my first child is on the way. What changed?
Life? No. Just how I look at it."

Tony Lawrence. Victoria

“After coping with several serious and traumatic events occurring in my life over the last 6 years, I felt that I wasn’t able to cope with anything and was unhappy, depressed and having regular suicidal thoughts. I was at the point that I wanted to admit myself to a psychiatric hospital because I didn’t know what else to do. Then I met Jayden and learnt the philosophy that has made a huge impact on my life! Within the first session with Jayden I was already feeling optimistic about my future. Jayden shared his wisdom and friendship with me, I was immediately comfortable with him and thank him for his kindness and caring.
Its great to feel happy and alive again and able to make plans for my future.”
Cindy Wilson (Brisbane, Qld)

"Oh Deb, where do I start & end ?! I'm going from the Queen of leisure back into real life after being closeted away like a nun on ice. Never thought I could be so good, or so sober, or even so boringly straight. Although the loud dulcet tones have never dimmed for a second, and no doubt never will. I was scared & nervous about this next chapter of life for Georgie, petrified & frozen with fear but after time 'healing' & love & support from you I have transformed from out-of-control wild child to a much wiser & grounded soul, albeit still wild & naughty in less controversial ways !!
I emerged from grey & darkness into the light. I owe my life to all the people I have met on this journey, but largely you Deb. From the moment you talked me out of my mini meltdown on day one, to coming to rescue me in my room when I crashed, to listening, to caring, to encouraging, loving, trusting & believing. I can't thank you enough darling lady. I hope that I have taught you guys things, the way I have learnt from you."

Many thanks
& lots of love
Georgie xx

"Thank you for an amazing experience. I came to the program having suffered depression for 12 + years. Not only did the program help me to understand my depression in the early days but also made me realize I had postnatal depression in the later years, which no doctor had diagnosed.
I came looking for answers and I found them and more. I feel better than I have in years and I believe this feeling will continue.
Thank you so much Greg for showing me how to smile again!!
I can’t wait to experience the rest of my life."
Sharon Negri

"What a fantastic Journey! I think I have suffered depression/bipolar for 30 plus years. Cannot ever remember feeling free. I recon I have totally got the message- I just needed more data/information. I came with an open mind soon after discovering Greg’s program quite by accident on the internet.
I came with questions and will leave with answers:- mainly about myself and others not being able to act differently than we do because of our level of development and the information that has been presented to us over our life.
No matter your situation, you can only benefit from Greg Neville’s ‘lessons’ of life."

Robyn Cadzow.
Alice Springs NT

“I had been to a lot of workshops and seminars, and although I found them to be some-what helpful, I found your information to be the most practical and useful for everyday life and relationships. I found that I was able to let go of a lot of the pressure I place on myself and to feel more competent in dealing with what was happening in my life”
Clair Garnett (Melbourne, Vic)

Dearest Len
"Thank you so much for Sharing my Journey here & your outstanding assistance so
graciously given.
It has been such a pleasure to meet you."
Love Avalon

“I thought I had an exclusive set of circumstances and was extremely sad and anxious about my life. I was literally crying my way up the driveway as I drove. I have completed the weekend seminar presented by Jayden. During the week a couple of personal events occurred, through contact with the outside world, which if I had not had the benefits of the knowledge of the program, I would be in a whole other world of stress, depression and anxiety.Since being exposed to the program put forth with the most amazing conviction and eloquence by Jayden, the information has resonated with me. I am so happy that this journey has brought me to this new place of calm and understanding and given me the possible option for an exciting, reinvigorated direction in my life.
This experience has been truly life changing. Many Thanks,”
Scott Allen (Northern NSW)

"At only 21 I’ve been through 11 years + of depression & so many different ‘cures’. I was at the very end of my tether. I was told that I was going to be hospitalized for the 4th time in a mental health ward and I knew that I really would die if this happened again.
Greg and his shared wisdom has completely saved me! I wouldn’t leave this world or my son now for ANYTHING. Greg has given me an unshakable belief that there are many reasons for my being & that I am so important to others. The purpose of my life is to experience and grow, not to get it right every time. I appreciate life and the little things. Even the bad things because they teach me more. Many people previously tried to show this to me but Greg and his philosophies PROVED IT TO ME! Which has totally changed my thinking. I love life!
Thank you SO MUCH GREG!"
Sara Traverse.

"I thank you for the help I personally got from this program. I was at the end of my tether in a marriage break up with 3 kids which I love all dearly. Greg gave me the understanding that I needed, I tried reading lots of books that I never read, or had the understanding because I don’t read very much, I tried going to church, I tried lots of different programs but nothing like Gregs. It made so much sense that it was so simple to notice the stress and now to simply understanding and applying it. Thank you Greg for another chance in life."
Michael Agnelli

"How do I begin to thank you Greg. I came here in the grips of depression, convinced there was nothing I could do about it. Thanks to your lessons I am now bursting with life. It’s amazing. In the blink of an eye I finally see the light. The moment has arrived and I know I’m going to be all right.
I think there are so many people out there who could benefit from learning your philosophies. I will do my best to pass on this priceless knowledge and help others who suffer guilt, anger, regret or hate. You are something of a saint to me. Your enthusiasm and dedication in helping people in need has moved me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I have gone through seven years of beating my head against the wall feeling guilty, and blaming myself for all things that went wrong. Drinking – gambling and depressed, almost losing my second marriage and family. Few days with Greg has changed my beliefs on life and reality, and most important who I really am. Looking at life in a totally different way, looking forward to everything I have learnt from Greg in difficult times.
I realize there was nothing else that would have helped me with recovery to being myself again.
Greg has enlightened me, giving me true reason for living and the new meaning of Wisdom."


To Dear Deb
"How can I thank you enough for all you have done for me over that past week!
You have truly changed my life and taught me how to love life and all it brings.
For that I am eternally grateful. If I could learn and grow from life the way you have,
I will be over the moon!
Best of luck on your journey, I will think of you often on my journey!"
Lots of love Angela xx

"Even though I only had you for one double session, the knowledge you gave me genuinely set me up on my way to putting all the information given together to give me the tools to make a huge mind shift and establish new thinking patterns. My old behaviour now seems like it was so long ago, and the feeling of having so much more time to do the things I love and haven't experienced for so long, is amazing. I'm enjoying being on my journey that now seems so fulfilling and satisfying."
Angelina xxx

“I am happier and more centred than I have ever been before, and I believe that attending Jayden’s seminar has played a huge part in my transformation. Before I met Jayden I was full of self doubt, regret and guilt… and had been dealing with the same issues for many years. With Jayden’s help I have been able to forgive myself and other people – realising that we were all doing the best we could at the time, and this has enabled me to move forward with my life. I have turned my life around – I’m working a job that I really love, I’m going back to university, and I’m spending time with my friends and family… and I’m so grateful to Jayden for his part in this. Jayden is a passionate and gifted presenter, who made the information easily accessible to everyone in the seminar – regardless of our individual differences. Jayden has been an ongoing source of encouragement and advice, and is always available for a chat. Thank you Jayden!”…
Krystal Sayer (Gold Coast, Qld)

"Dear Greg, what a difference you have made to the way I look at my life. If it wasn’t for listening to you I don’t know what I would have done. So, this event was meant to happen, I have learnt a lot from everyone. Thank you all so very much."

Love Yvette

"Was diagnosed 3 years ago with cancer and have been looking for a cure since then. Tried chemo, organic, meditation, yoga, positive thinking and nothing seemed to work.
Didn’t know who Greg Neville was at all. Half way through Greg’s first lecture I found myself with tears running down my face uncontrollably. I couldn’t stop as everything Greg was saying I felt was aimed at me. I feel that this is it. Now I need to go home and put what I have learnt into action. Thank you Greg and I will be sending you an email."

"A life changing event for me! I have discovered the reason I’m here and my true purpose in life. I leave with a new passion for life. I have learnt so much about myself while here. I will definitely grow to be a much wiser person that intends to live a simple happy life, but I still plan to have a go in life knowing as I do I will learn new lessons along the way!"

Thank you Greg.

"Thank you so very much for giving me the tools and philosophy to dissolve my stress and lift me from the realms of depression, something which I never thought was possible. I can now see past obstacles and use them to create a world full of wisdom, fun and laughter, it couldn’t of happened any other way. I can now have an appreciation of life and an understanding of the true value of myself and the world around me.
Thank you Greg , you saved my life."
Taryn .

"Greg thank you for all that you have showed me. I know I was not the easiest pupil but I appreciate your kindness and patience. I cannot believe how much lighter I feel after all that I have learnt. I will take on all that I have learnt and pass it on to my kids, family and friends.
All my thanks."

"Greg thank you for sharing all your brilliant philosophies, they are life changing! I will carry this information with me through life, and share it with loved ones. Thanks Greg, you really have the ability to change a person’s view on life."

"Greg, you need to be broadcasted on a giant screen in all parts of the world and left on repeat so everyone can listen to you. Truly!
The information you have taught is really amazing! I feel like a new person. Your philosophy has lifted me up in a wonderous way….
I’m now so excited about life and will carry it with me and pass it on in numerous ways! Everyone needs to learn this…
Thank you so so much."

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