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Please be aware that it is not the getting away from your usual environment that gets you well, but rather the information this progam provides.   Accessing this program is available via Skype. 

THE NATURE OF YOUR HEALTH has more to teach you about the process of life than you currently realise. To treat the deeper cause of health conditions, you need to be provided with more understanding of the process live, and also shown that your health condition is specifically mimicing your issues about the process of life. 
Your physical body is an example of a Nature's process of life, and so too is the life you live.  That statement you may already know is true, but the correlation, the match, between all the various physical organs (structures) of the body, and all the various aspects of life, is far more specific and different to the immature and incorrect accounts being taught by most mind body spiritual, wholistic counselors etc. 
When you are shown precisely how the physical structures and physical processes of the body specifically match the various 'aspects of life' (and what is meant by that term), you will instantely understand why a particular psychological concern effects a particular physical bodily part/function.  They are identical, you will see how that is so!   You will literally understand how and why your health is precisely mimicing your concerns about an aspect of life. Yes, you will gain far more understanding of Nature, the process of life.

Nature, the life process of everything taking place around you, which includes those things we classify as being alive, along with the processing of all the factors that  support and influence such life, and they being either physical factors or the energy system to which such physical factors are constructed from or influenced by, they both play their role in your physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s not hard to understand that the food we consume has its role in the life and wellbeing of our physical cells and thus our overall health, including the cells of our mind.  And for many people it has become common sense also that our levels of psychological stress plays a role in not only our psychological wellbeing but also our physical health, the health of our cells.  Though few understand to what level of influence, nor more importantly do they understand which aspect of the psychological realm such influence is derived from.  And no, it not caused by the Emotions!!!!   Many are very surprised to also learn that Emotions are ‘Belief system initiated healthy physiological responses’, that definitely have a role, but they are not the particular part of the Belief system that psychosomatically effects health, physical or mental.  (Emotions perform a different healthy role).  

Psychosomatic illness, the state of physical dysfunction of cells due to the influence of the psychological realm is also not caused by the adrenal glands, the autonomic nervous system or hormonal system etc as sometimes told by medical or some psychological therapists.  Then what is it caused by?  

The physical structure of cells has its physical component, plus the energy field component that forms the physical components.  If that energy component is perverted via another energy field source, the physical component of the cells is altered and unable to perform its role, and the cell is labelled as diseased.

So, the physical health of a cell can be influenced by a physical factor, but also influenced by an energy field that distorts the energy field  that constructs the physical aspects of the cells, and that aspect of physical health conditions is the least correctly understood aspect of physical health by both the therapists of Physical and Mental health fraternities, although they both generally understand that it exists, they just do not yet correctly understand the correlation (the match) between the physical and psychological realm!!  But I must admit, it is not difficult to find and understand that match, that realm of health care …..if your investigation is looking in the right place of course.


 That education involves receiving an in depth easy to understand education on the process of life (more easy that you could currently imagine), and thus easily understanding the purpose of life, the means by which it develops us, and the valuable role we automatically perform.   The health condition will be displaying precisely which aspect of that process of life you have psychological issues with, as the energy field created by that psychological issue will be perverting the energy field that constructs the physical makeup of the particular diseased cells.

The particular physical role (ability) of the dysfunctional physical structure/organ in your body, will specifically match the particular aspect of life (ability in life) that you have issue with.  That understanding is a science, a fact, not yet understood by the health fraternity, even though they know their anatomy and physiology extremely well, but the psychological sciences are lagging well behind, and as such it will take quite a while yet for the physical health experts to be correctly informed of it.

Well, I’ve just spent thirty years clinically investigating over a hundred physical and mental health conditions, published three non-fiction books, plus working on the fifth in a serious of novels directed also at providing an education.   

All you need to do is attend one of our programs and be provided with a clear and accurate intimate education on the psychological factor/s effecting your health, and the education on life that addresses such issues. 
Your body is an example of Nature's process of life, and it informs you via your health, of precisely which aspects of life you require being taught some lessons in wisdom. We have health conditions for a reason, an interesting one!!  And the lessons are wonderful.  

Remember that it is not stress that effects your health, but rather the issues you have with the process of life.  Your health is mimicing those issues, and that you will find is very helpful.  

Hope to see you soon.

Yours sincerely


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