Finally receive and fully understand, plus have treated, the cause of Suicidal thoughts


Suicide Therapy Program

When experience counts.   Read the 'Cause of Suicide' in the NEWS section,on the right. 
For most of my clients I am not their first port of call, not by a long way.  In fact, by the time they reach my program they have pretty much lost nearly all trust in the idea of therapists knowing much at all.  I though can definitely say that is never the case of what they conclude about myself and the program, even by the end of their first session I have provided them with a far clearer understanding of the cause of suicide, than they had learnt from their previous years of seeking help.
Thirty years clinical experience, research, treating, documenting and publishing, plus lecturing on the psychological cause and required education/lessons for physical and mental health conditions, has created a wealth of understanding of the specific deeper factors involved in the cause of mental health conditions and suicidal tendency. Factors that are not being taught to health professionals during their formal education years, and usually still not known by them many years later.  If you have been seeking psychological assistance/therapy for mental health and suicidal thoughts, even for a number of years, it will still be highly unlikely that you have encountered such essential life understandings and life saving lessons. So was the case with all my clients prior to having completed my Suicide Therapy Program.
You have not needed a therapist that claims to simply be a facilitator rather than a teacher, one who incorrectly believes you already have your own answers!!   You do not already have your own answers, and it is simply pointless talking about your past and trying to resolve issues without first being provided with an education that explains life, its purpose, your role, the value of your existence, plus a thorough understanding of the cause and requirements for addressing psychological stress.
You do not already know the answers and lessons you need to be taught!  Hence the reason for my thirty years experience and knowledge of this subject, and to which I pass onto you the essential education during the Suicide Therapy program. 
 Life is a Development Process, and you require a teacher and an education on the purpose of life, what to correctly measure a person’s value by, what ‘Development’ is correctly measured by, how such Development takes place, and consequently the series of easily understood lessons that neutralise your mind’s frustrations, fears and issues towards various aspects of life, self and others.  This is the only means by which to correctly address and upgrade your sense of purpose and a valuable existence, and consequently adress the issues behind the suicidal thoughts. You will be amazed at the information available,and which you have not been provided with to date!  
You will be pleasantly relieved to finally be receiving the education you require, rather than being expected to already know!!!   There is such a huge difference in that!



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